A Doctor's Diagnosis

For the last month I was seeing my doctor for knee pain and he had scheduled me for an MRI. I picked up the MRI results to take to him but knew what they contained. The lab had forgot to include the results in the envelope so they gave them to me to hand deliver to the doctor. It was clear: a torn MCL.
I met with the doctor we discussed what type of lifestyle I wanted to live. When I told him I wasn’t quite ready for the couch he suggested surgery. “Sooner or later,” he asked. When I replied “sooner” he said he had an opening on Monday. That same day I went to Potomac Hospital for pre-op for the surgery that would save my life.

A Pain in the Knee

The spring of 2006 brought a renewed attitude towards riding. I was riding to soccer fields and beginning to pick up a reputation within my soccer club as the guy who rides everywhere. Twenty to 30 mile rides before I checked in on the referees on the fields were not uncommon. The love of riding was back.
I suffered through two heel surgeries in 2003 and 2004. I looked around at other guys my age and they all seemed to have knee injuries. Thank goodness I had good knees.
In May I realized that maybe I didn’t have good knees. It hurt to walk up steps and to cross my legs. Yet more surgery was on the horizon.