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Breakfast this morning was at Hotel Cafe Huber in Lichtensteig. As I finished the owner came went to the bakery and gave me some bread to take with me. That was very nice.

Breakfast at Cafe Hotel Huber. Orange juice and sparking water would be added.

There would be two issues to deal with today. I never get saddle sores but developed those yesterday. Although better, they would stay with me today. And second, those signs…


Or more accurately, lack of signs. On a cool morning, I rode downhill to Wattwil. That was my reward for riding uphill to Lichtensteig yesterday.

A view from Wattwil

When I came to the town I turned on the main street to follow Bike Route 4. I also had uploaded the route to Garmin. I had gone no farther than one kilometer when Garmin told me I was off course.

Bike Route 4 – to Zürich? (Wattwil, Switzerland)

I turned around and went back into town. I went another way when I saw the blue Route 4 sign. I lost that trail too. I turned around.

The start of the day’s climb. It’s steeper than it looks. Wattwil, Switzerland

I decided to follow my Garmin no matter what. Leaving town I turned on a road that was not marked with a sign. About one kilometer later, I had to turn and there was the sign. I was on the right route after all.

A cyclist farther up the hill. I would catch him. Wattwil, Switzerland

Two or three or 10 times during today’s ride I chose to follow Garmin where there was no sign. Eventually, I would be proven right. In contrast to yesterday, I did not ask anyone for directions today.

Hey look! Frisbee game ahead. Wattwil, Switzerland.

I had already decided that it would be next to impossible to follow this route solely by depending on the signs. They simply are not everywhere they need to be. I would not say the route is well marked but “pretty well” marked. Maybe best in the world but could be better.

Kaltbrunn, Switzerland

I had studied my route today and knew leaving town I would have a climb. Not too tough (compared to yesterday) and then a descent. The map showed flat or a slight climb the rest of the way. And that played out as expected.

Ricken, Switzerland

The descent offered gorgeous views of Lake Zürich (or perhaps that is Obersee, the “Upper Lake” portion of Lake Zürich) in the distance and the mountains ahead.

Flat farm roads ahead. With nice views. Benken, St. Gallen, Switzerland

At the bottom of the hill, I lost the signs and went with Garmin. I turned on a narrow road that was flat and straight. It was the right direction.

Schänis, Switzerland

I was just 25 km in (15.5 miles) and the rest of the day would be flat to trending upward. I would also be on these narrow roads with no traffic although occasionally riding back on a highway.

Where one of the Rte 4 signs leads. This river comes from Lake Walen. Bilten, Switzerland

I came to one turn for Route 4 and it went down to the river and followed a gravel road.  I stopped for a snack from my pocket then waited at the top to see if any road cyclists were on this path. One coming in my direction looked at it and exclaimed in German “they must be crazy if they think I’m riding on that crap.”* He then headed straight and I decided to follow him.

Näfels, Switzerland

Along open road were just cyclists and walkers. I didn’t see any runners. And horses.

Näfels, Switzerland

I saw a young man, bystolic for high heart rate follow click here bioessay of natural compounds follow site buy elegant essay teachers manual watch aeneid book 10 analysis essay fast viagra shipping usa dissertation titles for english literature essay about interview sextabltes online writing degree programs carbohydrate hypothesis lamictal chest rash help essay writing business plan 2016 newest cialis commercial government terms quizlet comparing and contrasting essay example source pay to write cheap creative essay on lincoln click here student nurse rn resume song of solomon critical essays follow url follow link Marcel, and stopped and asked if he would be my photographer. I wanted a picture of me on my bike with the mountains in the background. He agreed.

Mugging for the camera with a Swiss flag. Näfels, Switzerland. Those are the Alps, not the Rockies.

Marcel and I had a nice conversation of at least 10 minutes, maybe 15, standing alongside this wonderful path. Well down, my friend!

Marcel the Photographer
Marcel – Näfels, Switzerland

I really can’t offer much more. The route signs were pretty good but not perfect. But the weather was perfect.

Netsal, Switzerland

At Glarus Süd there was a festival in progress. The bike route was blocked with signage to take a different route to Linthal.

Ennenda, Switzerland

I figured if the route to Linthal was marked, why not take it, but another couple came by and went passed the closure. So I followed them.

Festival in Glarus Süd, Switzerland

I was glad because I don’t know if I would have known how to get back on Bike Route 4 and it was a great alternative.

Glarus Süd, Switzerland

As I made my way through the people, one woman said “Nice velo.” I liked that!

Leuggelbach, Switzerland

I found myself pedaling slower than normal, a little in part due to saddle sores but mostly because my eyes were constantly scanning the scenery. No need to race this route and fly by. And it was a short day.

Hotel Bahnoff, Linthal

My hotel in Linthal is Hotel Bahnoff. It has a much larger room than the Hotel Huber and the Wifi is pretty good. Time to catch up and study tomorrow’s route as well.

Linthal, Switzerland

POSTSCRIPT:  At dinner I sat out on the patio at the hotel. One table over came a Swiss couple who had just hiked whatever pass I am climbing tomorrow. They are from Zürich. We had nice conversation all evening during dinner.

Dinner at the Hotel, Linthal, Switzerland

*Ha! I have no idea what he said but that was certainly the gist of it. Seriously.

Ennenda, Switzerland

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