Brett the Walking Man


Yesterday I had 34-mile ride to Leesburg and back (from Reston). On the way back I passed a guy pushing a Burley trailer. As I passed him I decided I would turn around and talk with him. He looked like he had a story. And he did.


Brett Bramble is walking across America for overdose awareness. His sister, Brittany McNatt, died in 2014. We talked for about 10 minutes as I pedaled slowly with him.


Today I grabbed Terry Moran we we headed out to Purcellville. I had packed a care package of Cliff Bars, fruit, and doggie treats for Domino, Brett’s Labrador who is making the trip with him. Terry and I rode, never quite catching Brett.


I asked a few cyclists if they had passed a man and his dog walking across America but only got blank stares (and a kind ‘no’) in response. As we got close to Purcellville I knew the trail was running out. I had brief hope when ahead I saw a man pushing a trailer but quickly knew it wasn’t Brett and Domino.


We reached the trail’s end and Terry wanted to go into Trail’s End Cycling Company. It was closed. We made our way over to VeloUSA and met Nichole, the owner. We had a very nice conversation about riding in France but was cut short by a phone call. I told her I would be back.


It was disappointing that we never caught Brett. I sent him a message and he told me I just missed him – a matter of minutes. Oh well. Wishing you the best. Safe journeys ahead.


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