KOM: 28 to Remington Road


This one was a complete surprise. It was only early last month I started going out to Remington (Fauquier Co.) and Culpeper County for nice riding on country roads. Today I just wanted a nice ride.

I drove to Remington and after surveying the local school for parking, M.M. Pierce, I decided not to park in a school lot during school hours. I don’t know if only teachers were in the school or students, but it was easy enough to find a residential area to park.

It was 70° and a bit breezy. Windy at times. Cloudy for the first hour and sunny for the second hour.

My route would normally be all country roads except the bridge over the Rappahannock River in Remington on Business U.S. 15 is closed. As my detour, I rode on the actual U.S. 15 for about 1/2 mile before connecting to my route.

Moo-Thru, Remington, Va.

I had synched my Wahoo with starred segments although I’m not sure all came across. But I knew the first one was after crossing U.S. 15. It was called Fleewtood Heights. My PR was 5:17 and I wanted to beat it. I had no idea where I was on the leader board. I went hard but was fighting cross-headwinds. As I watched my progress I wanted not only a PR but to beat 5:00. And I came in at 4:46. And that is good for 24th all-time, but third this year and number one in my age group. This getting old is pretty cool stuff.

It seemed I had only traveled only a couple hundred meters before a second segment popped up. This was Auburn to Inlet, a 2.6-mile segment. Same direction and same vicious winds. I had done this in 10:00 twice and 9:00 (8:57) once. I just wanted a PR. Again, with no idea where I stood overall. From 8:57 I wanted to beat 8:00 then it was to take 1:00 off the old one. I did that finishing in 7:51. And that’s good for 12th all-time. Just two seconds from 9th place. And 2nd age group but a big leap to 7:17 for first in age group. But that’s OK. I battled strong winds today.

I was riding well as I made my way to Moo-Thru and contemplated stopping for a treat or just to keep going then stopping on my way home. I stopped – but only for a photo, then kept going.


I crossed U.S. 15 and was on Va. Rte 28 for about 50 meters before turning on Lucky Stone Road. And this was a Strava segment. Like the other two, I wanted a PR. I had not studied the segment and did not where I stood. A PR was fine. My best was 3:13 so I wanted to beat 3:00.

Strava KOM – 28 to Remington Road

As I rode I saw my Time Ahead counter creeping up. I knew I was on a good run and I just kept plugging away. I came to the end and I knew a PR would display on screen. Except it didn’t. It was a KOM. I was shocked. I even yelled out to nobody “Holy Crap! A KOM!”

Strava KOM – The “official” time is always delivered by Starva and not displayed on Wahoo. So officially it was 2:31, not 2:30

And it wasn’t just a KOM. It sort of destroyed the old one – lowered it from 2:45 to 2:31. And I hadn’t even been in the Top Ten.

Remington Top Ten

What a surprise. I had no idea. I’ll take it.

Remington All-Time Efforts

Distance: 32.3 miles
Elevation Gain: 1613′ (Moderate)
Average Speed: 17.2 mph
Weight: 179*

*When I got home I stepped on the scales and weighed 179. Due to daily fluctuations, I take a moving average over seven days do determine my weight. My 7-day weight was 181 so I am still in the 180-199 weight group. When my 7-day average reaches 179 I will change my Strave weight accordingly. And it will be my third Strava weight group in three months.

All 1s including weight class

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