KOM: Madison Avenue Shopping Spree Dash


I was in Purcellville for a football game on September 10 and rode on Bus. Rte 7 to Hamilton. Two lanes and no shoulders, I knew Madison Avenue was a loop that would bring me out further up the road.

Madison Avenue, Hamilton, Va.

When I looked at the ride I saw I was Top Ten. But there were few riders (less than 10) and I had a crappy time (4:05). I was determined to do better.

On October 19, 2019, I was back for another game. Knowing this was a Strava segment, I went all in. And scored a KOM.

Madison Avenue, Hamilton, Va.

It’s not an area that I frequently ride in and probably won’t be back. The locals can have it back but for one day I was KOM.

Weight: 210 (est.)

EDIT/EPILOGUE – Sept. 17, 2020 – The locals have come out to play. I did ride this again on December 7, 2019, it was 38°. Although I bettered my time to 3:07 I now rank 4th (out of 17), with the KOM lowered to 2:41. I have ridden this section just three times.

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