Little Miami Scenic Trail I


The weather here, and in most of the East, has been bad. It rained all day yesterday and initially was forecast to rain all day today. But at 8:00 when it was still dry I called my friend, Bob Berberich, and told him if we met by 9:00 we could get in two hours’ of riding before the rain.

Loveland, Ohio

Bob suggested we meet in Loveland, Ohio and off I went. This is a lovely old town which begs for more exploration but not today. We met and Bob showed me the Little Miami Scenic Trail.

LMT_1_02 LMT_1_03

The Little Miami Scenic Trail is a rail trail that follows the route of the old Little Miami Railroad. In this section, which we rode to Morrow, the trail followed the Little Miami River.




Very pretty. The trail was in excellent shape. Great pavement, no roots.



About two miles from our return it started to rain. No worries. I got out my rain jacket but never put it on. Just a light rain and we got out two hours in before the heavy stuff would come.



After a good ride it was time for some post-ride nourishment. When in Cincinnati, you must go to Skyline Chili.


Skyline Chili – 3-Way

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