About Me

I love to ride. I hate cancer. I love to climb but I’m more enthusiastic than talented.

I have climbed the Mount Washington Auto Road (NH) seven times and Mount Evans (Colo.) twice. In France, I have climbed Col du Tourmalet, L’Alpe d’Huez, and Mont Ventoux. In Italy, I have ridden up Stelvio Pass, the Sella Ronda, and Gavia Pass. I rode solo across the Swiss Alps. And I “competed” in the Worlds HillClimb Championship in Santa Barbara in 2018 (laugh here… – I finished DFL).

Although I rode plenty before being diagnosed with cancer, it was only when I was diagnosed that I found peace on my bike that I wasn’t getting elsewhere. Cancer consumed all my waking thoughts except when I was riding.

During diagnosis and treatment, I rode for myself. Now in remission, I ride for others. I typically do 3-4 cancer charity events every year so if you see me fundraising, feel free to help me out.

About my cancer: At age 53, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I sought five second-opinions before opting for a radical retropubic prostatectomy at Johns Hopkins. Cancer sucks. I wish I never had cancer but it has also opened so many opportunities and friendships that I otherwise would have have had. And these are priceless.

I am not defined by cancer. I am a cyclist. I am a survivor.

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