Ormond Metric


My trip to Florida led me seeking sun and warmth and preferably ocean views. Or one view. I ended up at Ormond Beach because the Hampton Inn was very reasonable. I found a route I wanted to ride but the map was showing sections of unpaved road north of Flagler Beach that seemed strange. I ruled that out.

Next to Halifax River

I found a ride on RidewithGPS that I would follow. It began at the Hub Cycling in Port Orange up and over to Flagler Beach then back south to Dayton Beach. While I wanted to ride on A1A next to the ocean, the route avoided much of that when there was an alternative, presumably because of traffic and safety.

South Beach St., Daytona Beach

The roads were a mix of residential streets, country roads, a little highway, and the A1A right down through Daytona Beach. At one point I deviated from the course and rode over to the A1A.

A1A, Ocean Shore Blvd, Ormond Beach

I wasn’t sure what it would be like when I reached Daytona Beach. But on the two-lane southbound route, I found new sharrows had just been painted. A sharrow means bikes can use full lane and are often on roads where it would be too dangerous to pass a cyclist riding on the right side of the lane. Better to ride right down the middle. Any cars that would pass would already be partially in the left lane and would always move over.

Daytona Beach

I was headed into a moderately strong headwind from the south. And I as getting tired. I had two bottles with me – one with Skratch and one with water. I took two gels and two feeds. I could tell around 50 miles I was running on E.

North Beach Street, Tomoca State Park

I found a service station/convenience store and stopped in for water – and a Snickers. I haven’t had a Snickers in forever but I knew its sugars would sustain me the last 12 miles.

Tomoka River, Old Dixie Highway

I didn’t realize it at the time but this was where we started our cancer ride on April 11, 2013. Today I just missed passing the starting point because I had moved off the A1A and back to John Anderson Drive next to the Halifax River (less traffic).

Vikings. Daytona Beach Shores

I was hoping to go faster today but on that day we had a group of four setting a good pace in 2013. I wasn’t going to match that. But my goal of warmth, sun, and an ocean view was met.

Hill – Port Orange Causeway
Halifax River View from causeway bridge

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