The Citrus Tour – The Short Loop


Today was the cold version of yesterday’s hot version. Whereas yesterday the temperature was 82° today would be cloudy and 52°. I have become smarter with my decisions and basically determined that I would ride the 25-mile route instead of the 50-mile route.

While I slept well last night, my Whoop recovery score was only 17%. Very poor. If Whoop could talk it would have said don’t move today. I had cramped badly yesterday which is a sign of muscle fatigue. I would honor the ride and my donors by riding but didn’t know if 50 miles was in the cards for me.

I ride for Mark

Unlike yesterday, there were volunteers directing riders where to park. In fact, it seemed there were no riders. Yesterday was clearly the main event and today’s ride was the icing on the cake of the MS weekend.

Start line

There was a race announcer or DJ who would give the start signal at 7:30 a.m. But no recognition or staging of riders.

I looked at a guy, Zack, who wore shorts and a jersey. It was cold. The wind was blowing. He looked at me and said, “I think I’m going to regret this.” I asked him if he would wear a jacket if I went back to my car and he said he would. I came back as the riders were rolling out. He put on the jacket and we rolled out.

I ride for Kristi

We discussed how far we were riding. I pretty much had already decided that due to my poor metrics, I would go short (actually a 23-mile route). But if Zack had my jacket and was riding 50 then I would too. But he had a wife and a couple of small kids waiting for him and was going short.

Two early riders (probably Riding with MS)

I thought we were near the end of the riders and we were just riding along when a fairly large group passed us. At the end of the train I jumped on and Zack followed. On a right-hand turn the group broke up with only about six or seven riders at the front. I asked Zack if he wanted to bridge up and he said yes. We did and we rolled along. Before Rest Stop One, I had dropped him. I was surprised when I looked behind me and it was someone else. We averaged 17.7 mph on this segment.

Rest Stop One

We rolled out by ourselves for the next segment, which was a loop and then returne to the start. I was feeling better and when we came to the 25/50-mile split I was willing to ride 50 but Zack wanted to head back.

We came rolling into the finish and I met Zack’s wife who was a finish-line volunteer. It was 9:00 a.m. What now?

Barry and Zack

Yesterday any additional effort on the pedals brought cramps. I was afraid of pushing it today although I briefly toyed with riding the full 50. The soreness brought on by cramps was gone but I knew to take it easy.

After getting my jacket and saying goodbye I went back to my car. But it didn’t seem enough. So I went back on course for a couple of miles before turning around and thinking, “What am I doing?” I went back to the car and called it a day.

Hilton Vacation Club

The official hotel of the event was the Omni Resort in Orlando. Even with the special MS group rate, it was too pricey for me. I opted for the Hilton Vacation Club Mystic Dunes, which was also pricey, but I had a free night coupon.

Hilton Vacation Club

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