She Said Yes!


You never know what awaits on the open road. Or trail. Today was a mostly meaningless ride other than to find peace on a bike. I planned to head west from Reston on the W&OD.

Three young guys, kids, rode up to me and asked if I would pump up a tire for them. I couldn’t even get the tire to register pressure before I started pumping. But I got them it pumped. They thanked me then I encouraged them to wear helmets.

It was cool. The temperature was mostly in the low 50s. I rode out the trail then stopped at the Luck Stone Quarry. There, at the overlook, was a young man sitting at a table by himself. There were balloons and the word “prom” spelled out in the fence using cups.


I asked him was this was for and he told me he was saving the place for his friend who was out riding with, I’m going to presume here, his girlfriend. He planned to ask her to the prom at Stone Bridge High School.

How great was that? I left, and headed on into Leesburg. On my return trip I came to the quarry and saw a couple eating a picnic lunch. I stopped and asked her “Did you say yes?”

She said yes!

Josh and Kelley
Names changed to protect the innocent not because
I forgot to ask them their real names

We talked for a few minutes – about Jake, Jamie, and Alex. And then I headed back. What would have been just another day on the bike left me with some special memories.

Have fun at the prom, kids!