Illini 4000


Some days things work out as a surprise. Today was one of those.

I love the Airport Loop. Early in the morning, the summer temperatures are still pleasant, the route shaded, and one sees a lot of cyclists, runners, and walkers along the trail. Some are unusual, like the $4,000 organic transportation pedal car I saw at Gallows Road.

While riding inbound on the Custis Trail I was passed in the opposite direction by four riders wearing the same orange and blue jersey. A few minutes later I was passed again by four other riders. And then a third time.

I didn’t catch much except “Trek” was on the jersey and I thought “Illini” may have been on the front of these orange jerseys. I did not think much else about them as I continued my ride.

Yang Song, Je Won Hong, Meiling Liu, Jordan Orr

After completing the loop and heading back to my start at Gallows Road, I caught four of these riders. And so I talked with them. They’re with the Illini for Cancer 4000. The Illini 4000 is much like the Texas 4000. Only their starting location was New York City and their destination this year is San Francisco.

I rode for a while with Yang Song, Je Won Hong, Meiling Liu, and Jordan Orr. I was glad to be their guide for a while. Today they were riding from Washington, D.C. to Boonsboro, Maryland. This first section was the W&OD out to Purcellville before jumping on real roads.

Je Won, Barry, Meiling, Jordan

What was to be a nothing day turned into something special because I met four cancer fighters.

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