Missing the Group Ride


In a nutshell here was my day. I arrived 10 minutes early at the commuter lot. Wrong commuter lot.

Made it to the right one as they were pulling out. I left eight minutes later, did not grab a cue sheet instead relied on Garmin. That did not work. I soon “lost the scent” and decided to do my own ride. Cramps. First cramps in a year. Not enough water.

Was caught five miles in by 23 year-old from Shippensburg University. I told him my name but he never told me his, so it will be “Aaron.”


Aaron asked where I was riding and I told him “nowhere – just riding.” We talked and rode for the next 25 miles. He had raced yesterday and was doing a recovery ride. I refereed yesterday and was just “finding my legs.”


Aaron and I rode side by side where the road permitted and took turns in the wind. He had also downloaded the turns to the PPTC ride to his Garmin and they were working. Out of the blue he says, “do you know where you are in case I should happen to drop you?” I laughed and assured him that I could figure out how to get back to Warrenton. And off he rode, never to see him again.


I rode and eventually caught four guys with the ride. I stayed in their group until four miles from the end when one guy said something really jerky to me. I backed off, thought about what I might say, and when I arrived back I kept my cool, did not call him a name but told him that was a jerky thing to say. Taken aback, he didn’t quite apologize but told me he was kidding. I didn’t believe it.


My legs felt horrible today. I refereed yesterday, ate two hot dogs for dinner, did not eat breakfast, had one water bottle on the bike. What, was I supposed to do it differently?

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