I think this was the eighth straight year for Spokes of Hope. It was my fifth straight year attending.


The last night of racing for the season at Valley Preferred Cycling Center, Spokes of Hope was invited to “take a lap against cancer.” We met at 4:00 p.m. and got to ride on the track until 5:00 p.m.


The featured pediatric survivor was Abby. She is a five year old who has bilateral retinoblastoma. Ponder that for a moment. Five years old.


We met at 4:00 and rode some practice laps on the track. The kids rode down on the apron while the big kids got to ride up on the track.


Unlike past years where we were an intermission guest, this year we were first up – right before the national anthem.


We were announced as taking a “Lap Against Cancer.” The crowd enthusiastically supported us – little and big kids alike.


As we left the track the National Anthem was sung. We stood at attention, me with my hand over my heart.


This is always a special night. Honoring kids and seeing old friends. And we got to see some good bike racing too.


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