Virginia Capital Trail


Overcast and gray, I headed down near Williamsburg to ride on the Virginia Capital Trail. As an added bonus, the French family I met last week had told me they would be riding from Richmond to Toano. I figured they would be on this trail.


Two years ago I rode basically rode this route with the Cap to Cap Century ride from Richmond to Williamsburg (almost). So today I parked where our rest stop was – the Chickahominy River park. I checked the weather apps and radar and rolled out without a rain jacket.


On the Cap to Cap ride we were on the road, not the trail. I remember portions of the trail next to the road but I don’t think a lot of today’s section had opened. I really don’t remember much of the trail.


I climbed the bridge over the Chickahominy River then rode the trail. It is super sweet! Beautiful vistas in the forest with many newly built wooden bridges. Not sure where those bridges will be in 10 years but they sure are sweet now.


I rode. I caught a guy named “Wilson” who told me he rides around the country delivering letters. I had gone 15 miles and decided I would ride 20 then turn around.


Wilson and I were riding and chatting when we came upon my French friends, Thomas Houdy and his family. At Mile 19. After a few minutes of introductions I turned around and we all rode back towards Jamestown.


Oh oh. Rain started falling. They stopped to put on the rain gear, especially for the kids. The rain fell harder and we all stopped in Charles City – the only place one could find a restaurant.


They looked for a place to get dry. I saw a couple inside and recognized his Mount Washington T-shirt. I knocked on the window and gestured for him to come outside and take out picture. He did.


Then we said goodbye. They went in where it was dry and warm. I rode ahead in the rain.

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